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Dear Sue,

I wish this booklet was available when Coco was a puppy! It would have saved me a lot of anxiety, frustration and heartache. I have three doggy books; two are about RRs (one published by…………………) and one general puppy training book. What you have written in your fifty pages is worth more than what is in all of them put together. (I am not creeping I mean it!)
A lot of the training chapters in books seem to have been written by behaviourists and not by people who have owned RRs. Of course they all cover the usual RR history traits etc. but the training part is what lets them down.
Your booklet says what needs to be said clearly, with examples and concisely. You also give hope to people like me, who through lack of experience, have made mistakes by showing that mistakes can be corrected. My usual reaction to reading dog training books has been a sense of hopelessness and unachievable goals. Other training books also make the process sound like a formula: you do this and the dog does that. But what happens when the dog doesn’t do it?
The part about eye contact and ignoring was a revelation. The only thing I have read about eye contact in books seems to suggest that if a dog stares it is a sign of aggression and it must be avoided.
Despite everything Coco has turned out to be a good dog and she is very well liked. Even one of our neighbours who is not a particular dog lover leaves treats for her on our door step!
Thank you for writing this book. It should be compulsory reading for all RR owners.

Best wishes

Hello Sue,

I am delighted that my comments (such as they were) have been helpful to you. They were inspired by your book.
I am so glad you have decided to publish the book and keep it exactly as it is. In my opinion it is not too wordy and the chatty style is a point in its favour. It is like chatting to a friend which is another point which sets it apart from other books.
I am extremely flattered that you wish to include my e-mail in your website and to send it to the Secretaries of the Clubs you have mentioned. By all means, please do so if you think it will be helpful. (Would you please conceal my identity from the …….. Club so that I won’t get sued by them for deformation of character or something!!!)
I am afraid there has been no progress with Coco and the steps to the beach. We will keep trying. I have compiled a list of points I would very much like to discuss with you, if you wouldn’t mind. When is a good time to phone?

I wish you the best of luck with the book and I am sure it will have the success it deserves. Your efforts have definitely been worthwhile.


-- Thanks very much for the ridgeback manual. I have read many books about dogs and their upbringing and I must say that yours ranks up there in being amongst the most useful. I especially like the logical and practical approach, for example, when to feed them to name but one. I have also cut down on Loki's exercise and the amount of time that he spends off leash. Loki is developing at incredible rates and is turning into a lovely and charismatic (yet naughty and inquisitive as well) companion. The kids in my boarding house love him to bits and he re shows that affection tenfold. So thanks again for all your help.

All the best, Peter A

Got your booklet today. Thank you. Have spent a small fortune on books to make sure we are getting the right dog and from the little I have read today, your booklet seems better than all of them put together!

Amanda G

P.S. Have read about half your booklet - it's really good. I think you should find a way of making it more widely available as I feel it's ideal for someone like me who's never had a Ridgeback before. I just happened to stumble accross your website when searching under 'Rhodesian Ridgebacks'. As you've had so many for such a long time I trust what you say more than the books we already have - my husband and I have both been heard saying "listen to this bit.... that makes sense, what a good idea".

I received your booklet this morning. Thank you for sending it so swiftly, I wasn't expecting such a comprehensive document. I have found it enlightening, and learnt a few things I wasn't really conscious of doing. You've managed to condense and put in to clear words, the common sense approach and attitude I've struggled to get across to others over the years. I hope that you don't mind me recommending your booklet to others , even if they don't have RR's , as I think it is an excellent guide to bringing up a well behaved dog to be proud of.

Mike B

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