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UK & FCI INT CH Imbali Azizi
7 May 1999 - 27 June 2012

We are all devastated with the sudden loss of our gorgeous Zena who decided on 27 June 2012 that it was time to leave us. She has left a huge void in our lives but it was an honour to have spent the last 13 years with her, she was born into my hands and left us the same way. The pain of losing a dog is, at times, unbearable but the pleasure she gave us will leave us with wonderful memories, only time will heal our wounds.

For those of you who don't know, Kip and Zena both became International Champions, Kip being the first male in the UK to gain this title and Zena being the first bitch in England to do so. They were the first litter brother and sister to gain International Championship titles for Ridgebacks. As well as being an English Champion Zena was also the first UK Ridgeback to gain a Belgium Championship title and, as far as I know, the ONLY UK Ridgeback ever to win Best In Show at an All Breeds Show in France. Kip and Zena were wonderful Ambassadors for the breed and were shown in France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal winning titles everywhere.

She was a hooligan as a youngster but matured into the most wonderful Ridgeback, was a superb mother and mentor to every puppy she had contact with. We are incredibly lucky to have her descendants to carry on her wonderful temperament, however, they have a hard act to follow.

RIP our gorgeous girl, run free with Kip.

Imbali Kisura
3 March 2003 - 27 May 2012

Sura passed away very unexpected in the early hours of Sunday 27 May 2012. She had recently been diagnosed with cancer so we knew she was on borrowed time, however, she was in incredible condition and it was hard to believe that she would only be with out for a matter of months. Saturday was a wonderful day for her, she came for her usual morning walk in the woods, spent the afternoon in the garden with the other dogs whilst I was gardening, ate her supper with great relish and whiled away the evening in the lounge. She did not show any sign of anything being amiss. Charles came home in the early hours of the morning and all the dogs were fine, I got up to walk the dogs early as the weather was so hot and came downstairs at 7 am to find her dead on the kitchen floor. I cannot begin to tell you what a shock it was. She is now at peace and even though she was taken from us too soon, she had quality of life to the very end. RIP our lovely Sura, you are sorely missed.