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Photo of Tara

"Tara" was our first Ridgeback and was never shown. Her temperament was outstanding and she became the foundation of our line. She is the dam of lela.


March 1984 - May 1999
Photo of Lela

"Lela" was our introduction into the show ring. She was a very sound bitch who we lost at 15+ years (out living her entire litter). She developed skin cancer at the age of 7 which resulted in us looking at alternative forms of treatment. Our interest and use of Homeopathic treatments stems from this time. After six months of conventional treatment (Chemotheraphy, Steroids and Antibiotics) the side effects where affecting her quality of life, however, she passed away at the ripe old age of 15 and a quater only having had Homeopathic remedies for the previous seven years. She is the dam of tammy.

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August 1988 - July 1996
Photo of Tammy

"Tammy" was our first homebred champion, we tragically lost her with bloat at the age of 8. She had 3CCs (2 with BOB), 4 RCCs, BIS at the Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Championship Show and several BIS wins at Open Shows. Out of her litter to Roseridge Regent of Matabelle (Imp) four puppies were regularly shown including Fin CH Imbali Khangayo. It is Tammy's head study that appears both at the start of our website and on the cover of our booklet "The Imbali Way Of Raising And Training Your Ridgeback Puppy".

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August 1988 - April 1999
Photo of Gina

"Gina" was litter sister to tammy, she held her own in the show ring but we never bred from her.

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April 1992 - June 2003
Photo of Khala

"Khala" was a lovely brood bitch, well made with a very keen hunting instinct. Many a day we had to wait for up to 45 minuites for her to return from one of her forays. She is the Dam of sadie, kip and his litter sister zena. She was top RR Brood Bitch for 2002, she is still sadly missed as she made a very special mark on all those she met.

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April 1996 -
Photo of Sadie

"Sadie" was a beautiful light wheaten bitch and is a half sister to kip and zena from khala first litter. She was not fond of being shown but regularly makes appearances at breed seminars. She produced a beautiful litter during 1999 to Imbali Inkosi of Voortrekker and a second to Kiromol Kifani in March 2003. We have kept a daughter from this litter called sura. Sadie was spayed after her second litter and totally disproves the theory that spayed bitches get Fat! She featured in a magazine as a David Beckham "Look-a-like".

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Photo of Gussie

"Gussie" came to us at the age of 14 months having previously been in two other homes. She was very stressed but settled in immediately. She was certainly a unique Ridgeback, is extremely challenging, very wilfull and changed from a bitch that didn't know how to give affection or even wag her tail, to one that puts two paws on our shoulders in order to give us a hug.

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May 1999 -
Photo of Kip

"Kip" started his show career at 8 months making his debut at the Houndshow where he went BP (Best Puppy) and BOB (Best Of Breed) out of 34 Ridgebacks and finally BPIS (Best Puppy In Show). In 15 outings as a puppy Kip won 4 BPISs, 2 RBPISs, 10 BPs, 2 BOBs, 1 RBOB, 1 Puppy group 1 and 1 group 1. Kip obtained his Junior Warrant title at 15 Months and in November 2001 won the JW finals under Mrs Ferelith Somerfield at Discover Dogs. He is the ONLY Ridgeback to have won this event. In addition to the above awards, his other wins include BIS at SW Hound Show 2000, BIS South Yorkshire Hound show 2001, RBIS at SW Hound Show 2001, BIS at Herts & Essex Open Show, best Opposite Sex at the 2002 SRRA Ch Show, RBIS at the Rhodesian Ridgeback club of France CH Show and RBIS at the Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club 2003. Kip ended 2001 by being the Top Rhodesian Ridgeback in the UK as he had gained the most points under the Dog World system for CCs and Group placings. After a very successful showing career in both the UK and on the continent, he now spends most of his time sleeping at home. He has proved himself to be a very successful stud dog. His first litter by Kambond Kijakazi by Kiromol produced 4 top winning puppies. Their wins include: Ir CH Kiromol Kianga 10 BPs and joint winner (with her sire) of Best Up & Coming Youngster of 2001, her brother, Kiromol Kiamba has won 3 BPs at CH shows and 1st Junior Dog at Crufts 2002. NordUCh SVCh Emoyeni's Absolute Bhimbo visited from Sweden, I believe it was the first time that a foreign bitch visited the UK under the Pets Parssport. Bhimbo produced a superb litter, pups from this litter now live in Norway, Sweden, Canada and Poland. Kip had an invitation from Belgium for another liaison and pups from that litter are now in Belgium, France and Poland.

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May 1999 - June 2012
Photo of Zena

"Zena" is litter sister to kip and was only lightly shown as a youngster (due to her sheer exuberance for life). She made her debut at the Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association 2000 CH Show where she won Best Bitch Puppy. Her wins include BIS at the SRRA 2002 CH Show (where she beat her brother for top honours), BIS at the SRRA Open Show 2002, BIS at Le Havre. Zena won the RCAC at the French RR Club Championship Show in 2002. I believe she is the only British Ridgeback ever to have won BIS at an All Breeds Championship Show on the Continent. She produced a litter of 10 pups in April 2004 and just 11 weeks later won her 3rd and qualifying CC (with BOB) at Paignton CH show. Zena gained her INT CH title in April 2005 by winning CACIBs in Ireland, France, Belgium and Spain. We hope to have a second litter from her in 2005/6.

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March 2003 - May 2012
Photo of Sura

"Sura" is the daughter of sadie and grand-daughter of kip. She has been shown five times having won three firsts (inc Junior Bitch, Windsor CH Show July 2004) and two seconds. SRRA Open Show, Judge Gillian Mitchelson: "Post Graduate bitch - 1st Craigie's Imbali Kisura. Well balanced while standing and on the move resulting from good angulation front and behind. Well boned and feet compact with well arched toes. Correct head proportions, lovely round eye and ear carriage. Good length of muzzle, lips clean and close fitting."

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March 2005 -
Photo of Kiera

"Kiera" is a daughter of kip out of an Irish bitch, Knockeen Kosevo (imp), she is a hooligan but a delight to live with. Her first taste of competition was at our ringcraft class where she won the Puppy Walk out of ten pups (as she was not 6 months of age she could not compete in the actual match). After the competition the judge said that had Kiera been in the Puppy Class, she would have won it and been Best Puppy in Match. Her debut in the show ring was at the SRRA Club Show in Oct 2005 where she won Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show at just six and a half months of age. She was a consistent winner throughout her puppy carreer which included Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy at Crufts 2006, as well as BPIS at Slough, 9 BPs, 2 RBOBs, 2 BOBs and Hd Gp Puppy 1 and 3. After winning 25 firsts at Open and Championship shows she gained her Junior Warrant title at just 12 months of age. In the short time she has been shown in Junior classes, she has been a consistent winner again having won 5 BOBs at Open shows and 12 Firsts including BOB at the Three Counties CH Show under Breed Specialist Mrs. J Cook.

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March 2006 -
Photo of Kele

"Kele" is a daughter of zena. Her Sire is SA & ZIM CH Globe's Roving Red Regent who died several years ago. We were very privileged that Mrs. Janet Wang allowed us to use some of Clay's frozen semen as this is obviously in very limited supply. Zena was artificially inseminated after a battle to get the semen cleared through Customs in time. I actually collected the canister at 5:30 pm on Monday evening and rushed, with Zena, to the vet where she was inseminated the next morning. This was a very close shave as we very nearly missed her "peak".

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July 2006 -
Photo of Moya

"Moya" is a daughter of sura x kip and is co-owned with Linda Thomas. Linda is very experienced with Ridgebacks having shown and judged in South Africa, she handled Kele's sire (SA & ZIM CH Globe's Roving Red Regent) to his titles.

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