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Worm Kits

I have a few worm kits available but once sold I will not be restocking them.

The prices are the same as on and, once bought, there is nothing further to pay, all you need to do is to fill the plastic box and post to Michaela will e-mail you the results. The Faecal Egg Count kit involves one stool sample and only takes a day to process. The Baermann's test is used for the Lungworm Screen but, as lungworm do not shed larvae on a daily basis, Michaela will need a small sample from 3 consecutive days' stools. This test takes a couple of days to process and the results will also be e-mailed directly to you. Instructions are in each kit.

The new prices are:

Faecal Egg Count £18.00
Lungworm Screen £19.80
Both together £30.00

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If you have any questions just drop me a line:

Sue & Ean Craigie
Imbali Rhodesian Ridgebacks
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