Fireworks & other Loud Noises

These days fireworks are not restricted to 5 November, you are likely to hear them at the end of concerts, at weddings and at various other events throughout the year. Consequently, our pets are being subjected to the loud noises and bangs throughout the year. Some dogs accept them as just part of life whereas others find them very traumatic. There are various products available to pet owners which may help calm their animals.

These products range from prescribed sedatives from your vet (such as ACP) to burning essential oils. Below is a list of advertised products which some of you may like to try as an alternative to drugs. I have compiled this information from various newspaper articles over the years. If one of my dogs were to show signs of stress from fireworks or loud bangs my preference would be to try an “alternative” remedy first of all rather than resort to medication.

Many remedies are obtainable in both tablet and liquid form, apparently the liquid forms are digested faster than the tablet versions but the effects don't last as long. I haven't used any myself but suggest you contact the companies directly regarding doses etc. and quite a lot of information can be gleaned from their websites.

Herbs which have a calming effect include Sculcap, Valerian, Mistletoe and Vervain whereas Hops, Pulsatilla and Lime flowers are sedatives. Products containing these should be given daily, preferably starting a week before November 5 as festivities can start early and continue for days afterwards. Preferably, use a licensed veterinary herbal medicine with a recommended dosage as this will be supported by many years of safe use. The most effective way to ensure an overall relaxed approach is by giving the remedy in the morning and again about two hours before dusk. Most companies have telephone advice lines to contact for help and websites for useful information.

Gold Label sell "Canikalm Liquid" (calms within 2 hrs) Tel: 01964 543924

Petcetera - sell Osmonds No Stress Tel: 01948 668100

Dorwest Herbs - sell Scullcap & Valerian tablets and Valerian compound Tel: 0870 733 7272 Fax: 0870 733 7929

TPL - sell Natural Calm 08704 424 525

Another suggestion is to add essential oils to water and use them in a room burner. The best oils for anti-stress and calming are geranium and lavender. The sense of smell is the only sense that goes directly to the brain, via the olfactory nerve, this is why smells are so powerful and can evoke many different emotions. In order to get the best benefit from oils you must use good quality essential oils and I can recommend Napiers on 0131 3343 6683 (fax: 0131 343 1152 Napiers sell the individual oils but you can also buy specialist blends which will help with stress and relaxation.

There are a few CDs available which contain a variety of noises to help dogs get used to a different sounds, these will include fireworks. An internet search should give you some ideas but you will have to play them regularly in advance of 5 November for them to be effective. Start by playing them softly and then gradually increase the sound as your dog gets used to it.

If You Are Looking For A Puppy

As you have probably already discovered there is great difficulty finding a well-bred puppy at the moment due to the Covid-19 situation. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of this and breeding and charging exorbitant amounts for puppies. I recently heard of a litter which have been bred from parents that have not been health tested and the sire has been used at stud about 15 times! The puppies will not be Kennel Club registered and are being sold for £2,500 each. This is not the only litter that you will find advertised on the internet, somebody else has been charging £3,500!

My advice is ONLY to go via one of the breed clubs, please do not consider anything advertised on sites such as Pets4Homes, Preloved, Gumtree or Epupz. Please put your name down with the club puppy waiting lists and be patient and wait for things to settle down.

Click on any of the cards below to get in touch with the relevant person/club:

Please be patient and wait for the right puppy, it will certainly be worth it.